Sunday, May 6, 2012

Korean Children's Day

May 5th(yes cinco de mayo) is national Children's day in Korea.  It is  a Day in Korea that celebrates children as the future of the Korean culture and traditions.  Yesterday we celebrated with our new agency and about 15 beautiful families brought together by the Korean adoption process.  We ate a traditional Korean meal and won a raffle for a huge basket of Korean candies pastries and snacks!  Definitely not good for the pre summer diets:)

For all the families adopting from Poland, I would like to share a link that was brought to my attention by a fellow adoptive mom. Although some info dates back to fall 2010(when I was in the Polish Program)  I just want everyone to be informed of the facts as they move along in their own adoptions.  For all of my Poland adoptive friends, please know that I do not in anyway wish to discourage you as I wish you nothing but the best with your adoptions, I just would like you to know the facts.

I apologize if I have some typos....I have fractured my right hand( long story) and need to remain out of work and in a splint for 3 weeks:(  typing with just my left hand is a challange:(

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  1. Sounds so fun! I wish our China agency was close by.

    I saw that PEAR posting too..