Monday, May 23, 2011

Here we are....

I just wanted to do an update up since its been a while since my last post.  First I would like to say a big Congratulations to Brooke and Tracy for being united with their children.  This thing called adoption is truly a miracle of God.  Your happiness after your time of being patient is clearly shown!  May God Bless your families.

Well, we got some good news in the last week. My husband is changing companies and has been offered a wonderful position at a great company!  He starts next week and we could certainly use some good news in the family!  Its much closer to home which is wonderful beacuse he will be home earlier in the evening(which is great for when the children come.) A well needed long weekend is arriving and we were invited to a BBQ with 4 other families that have either adopted from Poland or are waiting to.  I am really looking forward to having some shoulders to lean on.  I speak to some of these Moms on the phone and they are a world of support:)

Not much new on the adoption front.  We are into our 9th month yet are remaining patient....finishing the basement playroom and getting rid of alot of junk that was neglected when we moved in 3 years my Mother says..."your getting rid of the old junk for the new kiddie junk."  I guess we are lol.:)  We got the bunks delivered and I must say....This Mommie is a little worried that the top bunk looks way high ......My nerves are shot already:)  If the children are too young we are simply going to split them into 2 twins so I am not too worried. The new carpet looks great, we painted neutral and didnt do much more until we know for sure.  We didnt tell our neighbors yet that we are adopting so who knows what they thought when the "Kiddie World" truck pulled into our driveway lol:)  For now, we have placed two quilts that my Mother in Law quilted on the beds.  I think it gives US that sense of much needed Mommy comfort....your never too old for your Mommy!!