Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I'm at a point in the adoption where I just have to scratch my head and say...."really?"  How did I get here and what is happening, where is this going???  I am so confused with my own process as well as everyone elses process right now!  It seems like a no brainer....children needing love ....and families looking to give love  and the proven means to support them and raise them. Hello??

The mystery surrounding this miracle called adoption just has me dumbfounded right now.  Maybe this is a natural part of the process, I don't know.  Like morning sickness and cravings are to a pregnancy, these feelings are just as unpleasant if not more.  Maybe the road to motherhood just all around sucks but the end result is indescribably wonderful and that's just the way it goes and I have to suck it up.....I just wish I had more insight on the process to reassure me.  I hope I read this post one day and laugh because I was holding my child/ren and realize that the pain I went through during the process was nothing compared to the joy I felt at that moment.