Friday, January 28, 2011

Such a freshman Blogger....

I realize that I am so very far behind with this blogging buisness.  Most of you guys starting blogging when you first started your process and had a place to vent your frustrations.  Unfortuately being the control freak/ stress bag that I am, during the whole process from May to Sept when we were in the thick of our paper trail, I could not concentrate on anything but the paperwork.  It consumed me and my poor husband was the one whom I vented to. This is our neatly binded two inch thick adoption paperwork that has been sitting with dust on it for 4 months:)  It has EVERYTHING in it!!  Binded of course because I can be a knucklehead at times and dont want to loose anything. (told you I'm a control freak:)

 Now we are in the 4th month of our wait and bored of just doing my Polish lessons on Rosetta Stone and in the car to and from work.  Being buried under 2+ feet of snow does not help either.  So now that I don't have paperwork to frustrate me, I have this blog thing that I am having a very hard time figuring out!!! 

I was on facebook but deleted my account because people simply had silly things to say. But at the same time found myself so interested in the silly comments and was spending too much of my day reading status updates...Does anyone else feel that way?? At least reading the blogs it is nice to hear the stories of other families that are going through the same process.
I have also been trying to find children songs in Polish.  I would like to know a few at the least to be able to soothe my children while in Poland if they were frightened or upset.  Can anyone suggest some?  I found a nice website with translation if anyone is interested.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lets start from the beginning...

Well, we are in our 4 th month of waiting for a referral from Poland for two children and I must say it hasn't been too bad yet. I have been keeping busy learning Polish and reading EVERYTHING I possibly can on being an adoptive parent and how to nurture adoptive children.  The love part of course comes easy.  I also have been spending alot of time on You Tube watching other people's adoption videos and I must say, it has really been wonderful to get to do so.  Ive realized that It really will happen!  It is a priviledge to be able to share in other families journeys and I highly recommend it!  Get you Kleenex ready though! Im starting this blog to be able to communicate with and support some other families going throgh the process of adoption from Poland.  I have read some wonderful blogs and I want to be able to share our journey as well.

Well, keep warm everyone.  Everyone in the northeast ahs been dumped with some major snow in the last few weeks.  My poor Frosty the snowman lawn decoration from Christmas is so buried under snow right now he will probably not get out till March!!!