Monday, May 28, 2012

Homestudy to USCIS

With our homestudy for Korea officially approved, we can exhale a sigh of relief.  The I-600a has been completed and mailed to UCSIS on Saturday.  It was much easier to complete than the I-800a form for Poland...... Thank God. It feels great to know that we are pointed in the right direction again.  Our Agency Caseworker said we can expect a referral by the end of the year for a 7-8month old child which makes me happy beyond belief.  Even though our precious child can't come home for a year after being matched, I just want to see his /her face, and know I'm a mom.  I've already bought gifts for our first care package to our babe and their foster parents.

We are learning the Korean language and much about the Korean culture.  This is the one huge difference between Korea and Poland.  Being Polish, culture was a no brainer......the language was a bit more difficult but I learned alot of Polish!..  Korean language is much more difficult.....although my "Anyo-assayo"  (Hello) goes along way in the Korean stores here!!!:):)  One great thing is that New Jersey has many Korean areas and Influence that will not make my child feel so isolated.

I think about my child everyday...and it brings a smile to my face.  I am so happy for Laura and Brian, Margaret and Sean, Krystyna and family....May God Bless you to bring your families together soon, as well as safely.  Happy Memorial Day!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Well here we are at homestudy # 3 in two I pulled weeds from the yard with my left hand (because my right hand is broken) this morning at 6am because I couldn't sleep,,,once again I think to myself....really???  Here we are trying to prove ourselves worthy of being parents to a child that needs a home and a family.......Really?  Does a perfectly clean house, freshly cut grass and manicured garden make us potentially good parents?? Our new Korean agency case worker came at 11am to complete our Korean homestudy.  Have to went GREAT!  Really Great:):)  Hubby and I haven't been this hopeful in a long long time.

 What has my life come to??  Fingerprints beyond belief, HIV tests and other medicals and financial statements?  I have been a nurse for 13 years taking care of people day in and day out (dont get me wrong, I love what I do for a living).  My passion in life is to nurture which has led me to my vocation as a nurse.  I am selfless and put everyones needs before my own.  I am passionately loyal to my family as well as my small circle of close friends whom I cherish.  My friends are essential to my everyday life and I will do anything for them as they prove to carry me along on my rough road.  The sharing of a cupcake on an emotional day always goes a long way....thanks ML:)

 All I want is to Mother a child in this world that needs one.  Adoption is not for the weak of heart. Adoptive families must pocesss a special strength from God to endure the pain of the journey.  The journey is a wicked one as many of you have endured....but the reward is beyond measurable and is what keeps me going day in and day out.

Speaking of loyal friends...I spent the weekend with one of my best friends J. in North Carolina this weekend and had a blast.  Even though I was frisked at both Newark airport and Asheville airport(cause of my gimpy hand splint).  We found our way into South Carolina, a state that I have never visited!!  I was so excited to pass the state line(i know I'm a dork) but I made her stop on some side road to take a pic:)  Also, we got to buy some treasures from a dude named Uncle Buck on the back roads of NC.....The highlight of my trip!! I was able to buy some brass figures that were MADE IN KOREA for $5.00!!!  Also got a few original pics for the baby's room from an antique shop.

I also must add my first ever pair of Cowboy boots made from Lizard and Leather that I bought in a small shop in Hendersonville NC.  They are my new favorite thing:):)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Korean Children's Day

May 5th(yes cinco de mayo) is national Children's day in Korea.  It is  a Day in Korea that celebrates children as the future of the Korean culture and traditions.  Yesterday we celebrated with our new agency and about 15 beautiful families brought together by the Korean adoption process.  We ate a traditional Korean meal and won a raffle for a huge basket of Korean candies pastries and snacks!  Definitely not good for the pre summer diets:)

For all the families adopting from Poland, I would like to share a link that was brought to my attention by a fellow adoptive mom. Although some info dates back to fall 2010(when I was in the Polish Program)  I just want everyone to be informed of the facts as they move along in their own adoptions.  For all of my Poland adoptive friends, please know that I do not in anyway wish to discourage you as I wish you nothing but the best with your adoptions, I just would like you to know the facts.

I apologize if I have some typos....I have fractured my right hand( long story) and need to remain out of work and in a splint for 3 weeks:(  typing with just my left hand is a challange:(

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seoul Subway Song

Check this out..... A Caucasian singing to a jingle on the Korean Subway system that is played at transfer stations.  So excited about learning more about the Korean Culture  A fellow Korean adoptive Mom shared it with me......Love it!!:)