Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kids room!

Progress!  We are getting our bedroom carpet installed tomorrow!!  Our guest bedroom where my in laws stay is officially becoming the children's room. We have painted it, stained the doors and moved everything out.   I must say, when we moved in 3 years ago I told my husband that we were not going to do anything with this room until I was pregnant.  Well, I feel fat and bloated, hormonal, sensitive, and my children may not be in my belly but they are growing in my heart....every day.  The bunk beds are going to be delivered maybe in a week or so.    This weekend we changed the ceiling fan for a light fixture since the top bunk will be an issue. We are going to keep them as 2 twin beds for now so when my in laws visit from out of town, which they do often, no one will have to sleep on the top!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring has finally sprung here in the Northeast (thank God because its been a harsh winter). I look forward to getting outside in the dirt and getting my garden in order.  Springtime always renews my spirit and recharges my mind and this spring is no exception.  Ive also started jogging to try to get rid of those extra winter pounds and get ready for summer!

 I now watch my 2 nephews on Tuesdays and Wednesdays which is great practice for my husband and I taking care of small children.  Its so nice to come home from work and see those two.  My sister tells me how excited they are to come here every week and it makes me so happy. My 6 year old nephew is sooo excited about the bunk beds and has already asked me about sleep overs with his cousins:)  My Mother is getting more impatient than I am about her little Polish grandchildren.  Time for us is actually going pretty fast because we have been busy.  As I said before, sometimes I feel in denial that this is actually going to happen!....Maybe its just a defense mechanism that my mind is using so I don't get stressed out.  Yay for defense mechanisms!!!!  LOL.  I still constantly wonder where my children are now.  I feel privileged to be able to share in everyones family story here and it gives nothing but hope!  I hope everyone waiting is keeping busy and doing well.  I hope all of the families here are bursting with joy and enjoying their little ones.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

During the numerous discussion of our plans when the children arrive, we have untimately decided to have them share a bedroom.  After thinking about it at length, we feel that as siblings in a whole new world with all new people, that the children would feel comforted to share a bedroom at least for a few months to a year.  One of the reasons that we decided to adopt siblings is because we feel that it will be wonderful for them to go through life together.  All the love and nurturing in the world may not help them at some point in their life feel an identity crisis, not knowing a biological relative. I comforts me, this mom to be, to know that they will ALWAYS have eachother, even after my husband and I pass on.( not to sound morbid)

 Last weekend, my husband and I were casually looking through children's furniture stores to explore our options.  I must felt soooo good to feel like a mom and dad for us.  We were having a ball when we spotted bunk beds that we LOVED!!!!!  They were solid Ash wood (one of the strongest woods) and the  rail on the top bunk was very high( which made mom feel good!)  They are able to be separated into 2 separate twin sized beds when the time comes as well. It seemed like the stars aligned as well becasue they were on sale!!!  So we went for it!!!  We did question ourselves because of the uncertainty of when a referral might still might be a while.  But in our heads.....we were positive in thinking......Its really going to happen!!!!!  And it gave us a great boost of happiness in our 6th month of wait.

This is the pic I took inside the store when we bought it!!!!!

Today, I also began to put together photobooks for the children.  I finally found adorable little photobooks at a local store approprate for toddlers.  I started to sort through my thousands of family photos and decide which ones I should include so our children can see their forever family and home for the first time!  I plan on keeping the photobooks with them in Poland until we return for our second trip to bring them home! Our cousin did this with her two boys adopted in Russia 10 years ago and she said it was a big hit with them. Their caregivers said the they would look at the pictures everyday!