Monday, August 15, 2011


So, after feeling guilty for having such a negative post up for so long....a new one is in order....:)  My Hubby and I have a new love......biking...we have been biking after work and it has been awesome. We bought mountain bikes and helmets much to his dismay....but as an OR nurse.... I insisted!!!!  My helmet is a pretty mix of blue:)  Although, as a former regular biker as a child on the streets of NA (Nic will understand) boy am I out of shape!!!! Whoah my legs are so out of shape!!!!But It feels great to be a kid again on the streets jumping the curb and riding standing up with the wind on your face:)

We also split the bunk beds up into two twins and I love the way it looks in the room.  I just wish I could decorate more......Ahhh....just have to wait...the word we all hate!!!!!! My momma-in laws blankets remain on the beds:)  My nephews stayed overnight last saturday and loved the beds but can't wait for their cousins to come home!!

My love tonight goes out to my dear friend Nicole who is braving chemotherapy treaments and shows me courage and strength every day.  You are an inspiration.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vent Session

Vent Session in order...........Well I need to  apoligize that I am NOT a huge talker at all and i can barely get out one post a month........So here is August in a nutshell........much depression and anguish and basically feeling sorry for myself as many of the families are in Poland with your little ones(Much love to you and your hapiness gives me hope:)  Also.....I am surrounded by mothers at all times talking about strollers, potty training and play dates and it drives me nuts!! But I sit here with a huge question mark on my forehead instead of a pregnant belly and nonone understands that I am expecting too!!, ........I am dedicaed to learning more Polish and learning much from everyone so thank you very much,,,,,,,I just wait with that stupid question mark and it drives me nuts...we took down the bunk beds and split them into 2 twins which look so adorable in the room. I just can wait to decorate boy boy /....boy /girl...  or girl girl. I feel like closing the door to that room.....Homestudy renewal this month......... God Bless all of the new families and please pray that mine will come together as it should. I apologize for the negativity my jut feeling not so chipper these days.