Friday, July 8, 2011

Ode to Poland

So far the summer has been filled with highs and lows for us.  First I guess ill start on a high note.  We have been spending lots of time with our family at my parents shore house.  The days down there begin with a cup of coffee and paddle boat ride which is always good for the soul if you ask me....then its splish slash in the pool practically all day with my nephews until we get pruney....then we usually take a short boat ride with my dad and scream at him to slow down the whole time(not very relaxing) then after dinner we have a heated scrabble tournament on the back patio and there is always a sore loser involved!!  Good times.  My husband landed a great new job with amazing adoption benefits so that is a wonderful thing....and I got a new car on Friday which I love!!!! Its my "cool mommy" car that the kids will be cruising in....I lovingly named her Pippa after Kate Middletons sister.(I'm obsessed with the royals and yes I know that I am a dork)

On the other hand, we have had to deal with some not so great things as well.  First, my oldest and dearest friend was diagnosed with breast cancer which was quite a blow for everyone.  I saw her through her surgery and she now prepares for chemotherapy and radiation.  She has shown courage and strength like I have never seen in anyone before.  She is an inspiration to not only woman diagnosed with breast cancer, but all women.  Her strength has resonated into my own life journey with the adoption. (Thanks Nic)  She has an amazing blog that I encourage you to read

We also received within the last few weeks a referral that we unfortunately had to turn down because it was not a fit for our family.  I had a really rough time because for a moment, maybe about 60 sec, I thought my children were waiting for me and it finally was "Our time".  It just stirred up so much emotion that I had been putting aside all these months of waiting.  It was also very hard on my mother who wants nothing more than my children to be with me and my husband.

Anyway its great to see so many families on there way to or from Poland lately.  Its nice to know that things are going well with US-Poland adoptions and its only a matter of time for us to hear some good news.  I look forward to everyones updates and especially pictures!  I want to share some pics of my flowers around my house.....ALL RED AND WHITE!!! personal "Ode to Poland" if you will...hehehe