Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome Fall

Fall has always been my favorite season and the northeast has beautiful ones.  The days get shorter, the air gets fresher, the trees change into their brilliant red,yellow and orange.  It reminds me of new beginnings as a child excited to start a new school year with brand new notebooks, pencils, and backpacks.  As we start to say hello to fall I bid summer fair well.  Many fun weekends down the shore with my family will stay with me in my memory.

 The 10 year anniversary of 9-11-01 was a painful one.  The memory of seeing the smoke on my skyline will always be embedded in my brain.  The alarms and sirens are still blaring in my ears. This is my backyard and I woke up every morning for 24 years seeing those beautiful towers downtown.  I still look at the skyline and just can't believe that they are gone.  I was at the WTC one week before this tragedy happened....I pray that everyone who's lives were taken that day is peaceful, and their families find comfort.  My street had a block party on 9-11 to come together as a community and it was a wonderful time.  I met alot of neighbors that I had not had the chance to otherwise meet.  One of my neighbors was part of the cleanup crew for two years following 9-11-01 and had this wagon full of memorabilia.  You can see in the picture a piece of the WTC that he retrieved from the site in the back on the grass. It is airbrushed with the picture of the towers and you can see the huge rivits.  He said it was still hot when he retrieved it.  The moment I saw it my eyes welled up with tears and the hairs stood up on my arms.

We are past the one year mark in our wait for our children but we have been busy:)  I finally, after 12 years of procrastination started Graduate school. YAY....and it is challanging!!!  My husband is working on his MBA and busy as well.  We are enjoying eachother and our life in the present but still pass that empty room everyday and try to be patient.  For right now........its all about Football!! Go Dolphins!!!!!