Monday, April 16, 2012

The long and winding road....

Well, my husband and I have certainly had a long and winding road thus far......and it was sooo hard to let the dream of Poland go after two years and several heartbreaking referrals.....I cant believe 2 years have gone by waiting for our children ... not to mention two years of infertility before that....and the adventure continues as we explore new avenues....The one thing I know is that we are not giving up.... with 140,000,000 orphans in the world, we will not give up until one of them is in our arms. 

Adoption is not for the weak of heart ......Pregnancy seems so much easier....books have been written on what to expect for you body, morning sickness, have a due get a smile from everyone when they look at your belly.....No smiles for adoptive moms to be to be unless they are from within the adoptive community because people don't know what to say....or even don't want to ask...  Adoption is not so clear and just spin your wheels for a few months proving your worthy to parent..... then wait wait wait wait in complete darkness and pray that the Lord doesn't forget you and your burning desire to parent a child. 

So to all the adoptive mothers out there, I applaud you, we are a special breed chosen because of our strength and desire to love


  1. Hang in there. I am sure you will have a child (or children) in your arms soon. At least by making this decision you can move on instead of waiting, waiting, waiting. Good luck.

  2. I know that it is a difficult process. We have been home with our little one for almost 4 years now, and still I found your words resonating all too well. Your answers will come to you in one form or another, and when they do it will all make sense. Good Luck.