Sunday, April 29, 2012

Does anyone like Kimchi?

It is with great happiness that I would like to share some exciting news with my adoptive friends....We have chosen South Korea to adopt our child from:)  After careful consideration the South Korean program shows much promise and renews our faith in parenthood.  The process is very different than Poland, it is actually a much easier process.  We are in the homestudy phase (again) and have aquired our documents (again) with lightning speed. Having to do this a second time, I feel like an old pro!

Korea is not a Hague country so We are going to need to file an I 600a.  Thank goodness we only had a few documents to notarize and NOTHING Apposilled....what a relief.  The proces is very different as I said.....Referrals come in between 3-6 months and the children are around 7 months at the time of referral.  However, due to red tape, the child stays with a foster family for approximately a year before they can come home.  During that time, we can send care packages and recieve monthly pictures and updates....I know I WILL NOT be easy, but after the nightmare we encountered with the Poland program....two years in the dark, we feel this is doable:)  So our baby would come home at the age of 20-24 months:):)

Our agency has a wonderful reputation and our contact person is a breath of fresh air.  She is Korean and has been so wonderfully supportive.

 So Kara and I are in the same place, changing from Poland to Asia, (although they are adopting from China) and from her last post about race and culture, I have the same concerns for my Korean little one growing up.  He or she will not look like us and my biggest concern is them feel left out or isolated.  I plan On embracing his/her Korean culture without forcing it upon them.  I will leave that up to them as they grow up and make their own decisions....

I am so happy for Laura and Brian and hope you reunite with your new son soon!!  God Bless all the Adoptive families on your own  personal journeys to parenthood.


  1. Congratulations!! What an exciting change and I'm glad things seem to be moving easier for you. Thank you also for your kind wishes. Be sure to keep us all up to date on things because no matter where we adopt from, we are all adoptive mommies! Take care and YAY!!!

  2. Congratulations! I am also excited for you and it sounds like the paperwork part is moving along nicely :) I look forward to following your journey!

  3. Just catching up on your blog and wanted to say congratulations! Our son has been home for a year now and our experience with Korea has been wonderful. The wait between referral to placement is tough, but there is a strong Korean adoption community that can help you get through the tough spots. Can't wait to follow your journey!